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In your search for a home, a Housing Opportunities Specialist REALTOR® will help you find a home that fits your needs.  He or she may suggest potential lenders and provide information about the local schools, stores, property tax, etc.

When you are ready to make a purchase offer to the seller, your REALTOR® usually will be the one to present that offer.  It will include the means of financing you will be using for the purchase.

Find a Housing Opportunities Specialist in your area that is familiar with Home Purchase assistance programs.

YThe seller will typically pay the REALTOR's® commission, based on the house's selling price, so you will probably not be responsible for that fee. You should, however, strongly consider enlisting a "buyer's agent"– a REALTOR® who will represent your interests in the transaction.

To find a Housing Opportunities Specialist REALTOR® in your area who is familiar with Home Purchase assistance programs, click here for a list.

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